Conceptual Photography: Voices

Conceptual Photography I've always been fascinated with conceptual photography. There's something about capturing interesting images that convey a certain feeling that I've always loved. Although I've dabbled a bit in this photography style, this is my first real attempt at a conceptual photo. This was inspired by the idea that young adults face several different … Continue reading Conceptual Photography: Voices

My Photo Book

I was able to put together a photo book with all of the pictures that I took this semester. Right off the bat, using Blurb's InDesign plugin made the whole process significantly easier. You can find A link to the plugin here. The 20-page book features a variety of different focuses. The 9 categories are … Continue reading My Photo Book

Macro Fun

What is a Macro Shot? Macro shots, simply put, are extremely close up shots of subjects. Often times the subjects are made up of fruit, plants, or small objects like coins. I chose a variety of objects to photograph for this macro shoot and the results were incredibly interesting. Water Drops The first few subjects … Continue reading Macro Fun