My Photo Book

I was able to put together a photo book with all of the pictures that I took this semester. Right off the bat, using Blurb's InDesign plugin made the whole process significantly easier. You can find A link to the plugin here. The 20-page book features a variety of different focuses. The 9 categories are … Continue reading My Photo Book

Macro Fun

What is a Macro Shot? Macro shots, simply put, are extremely close up shots of subjects. Often times the subjects are made up of fruit, plants, or small objects like coins. I chose a variety of objects to photograph for this macro shoot and the results were incredibly interesting. Water Drops The first few subjects … Continue reading Macro Fun

Land(scapes) Ho!

Landscapes are probably one of the more recognizable forms of photography. From rec rooms in suburban homes to upscale kitchens in the urban scene, it seems like everyone loves them. I decided to go out and give them a try myself.I wanted to have graves be in the majority of the pictures so I went … Continue reading Land(scapes) Ho!