Setting the Stage Think for a minute about a classic scene. A VW bus driving down Pacific Coast Highway during a sunset. What do you hear? Waves crashing? Seagulls flying by? The hum on the engine? These are the things that I had in mind when designing this poster. I wanted to access the sort … Continue reading SUBURBIA

Interdimensional Icons

Objectives This icon set was designed to be a fun and simple way to represent the Smith/Sanchez family from Rick and Morty. I created various gadgets and tools that the characters use in the TV show to help the entire piece flow together. Since the icons are based on a TV show and have their … Continue reading Interdimensional Icons

Marketing to Millennials

Why Millennials? We all know what millennials are, young adults born the years 1982-2004. Millennials are infamous for their alleged laziness, lack of motivation, and lack of preparation for the future. So what can be done about these problems? I think that marketing to millennials specifically can help greatly with any of these problems The … Continue reading Marketing to Millennials

The Technicality of Typography

Reverse Engineering pt. II Today, I will be analyzing a concert poster that is 80's themed. A few things I will be looking at are, the different type faces and how they contrast each other. This poster is a great example of contrasting in typography. This image is from Typeface #1 The first typeface I … Continue reading The Technicality of Typography